Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thing #62 - Comb through my digital photos and delete the ones I don't want.

I should get better at naming my Things. That's ridiculously long. I guess it doesn't really matter, truth is, I completed this thing over the past weekend, and I feel much better for it.

Like many of us, I have a digital camera. I love my digital camera. The ex-boyfriend helped me pick it out at an electronics liquidation outlet, so it was a great deal, and because he was there I knew I was getting the best one they had. Say what I want about my ex, he knew his gadgets (alright, let's face it: he should have, it was his goddamn job).

I'm very good at cluttering up different areas of my life, and my computer is no different. I love taking pictures, but I hate uploading them onto the computer. Once I have uploaded them, they usually just sit there in a folder on my computer, taking up space. Those folders really needed to be cleaned out.

Coupling my hatred for dealing with digital photos with the simple fact that the subjects of those photos are from a different time for me, a time when I was in love and thought I was on the road to marriage and all sorts of good things. When I was making love regularly, sometimes cooking for two, and any plans that were made were usually made taking someone else into account. My digital photos are filled with evidence of a relationship that, now that it's over, it's easy for me to believe it never existed. Armed with a glass of wine, I opened up the first folder.

His once warm and reassuring smile just looked smug and condescending.

Delete, delete, OMG DELETE.

I didn't delete all of them. I don't think there's much sense in completely ignoring my past. Not to mention, a great deal of what I did delete was either fuzzy or contained my thumb. I did get rid of a lot of them, though. There's a bunch still up on Facebook, but I'm just going to leave them be. They're not taking up any space on my computer, and if I do move to untag or delete the pictures, he'll see that I still think of it, in some way. Of course, part of me wants to do it first, before his next girlfriend asks him to do it.

At any rate, my picture folders on my computer have been cleaned up, and I feel much better for it. Truth be told, it wasn't as tough as I was worried it would be.


  1. Good job hun :)
    I did the opposite of you about 6 months ago, and deleted them off of Facebook. Mostly because people kept asking me why they were still up!!
    Hoping to clear out my digital photos soon too :)

  2. Thanks, Katy. I guess I should get to the facebook ones soon - or at the very least remove the tags on them. Maybe it could be another thing on my list? Sounds too easy... I've been giving myself a lot of easy ones.