Sunday, May 1, 2011

Days one and two.

My list of 101 Things in 1001 Days officially kicked off on April 29, 2011, my 29th birthday. I wasn't looking forward to this birthday, so I felt I needed something to make the occasion a positive one instead of it simply feeling like another reminder of a period of time in which I could have accomplished more than I had.

My end date for the list is January 24, 2014.

Day one was a fun day. On day one, I set some of my things in motion. Number 4 on my list "Start an RRSP," and I swung by the bank to make an appointment. I've set aside a nice chunk of change that can be transferred right in when I set up the account. So, that's moving along nicely.

I was inspired by Colleen's Thing #16 - "Buy myself a diamond ring from Tiffany's for my 30 birthday," and added "Buy myself a piece of jewelry" as number 61 on my list. On my birthday, I wandered into the local jewelry store. I have a lot of very nice baubles, but they've all been given to me as gifts, I've never really gone into a store and chosen something for myself. I found a lovely little ring with two aquamarine stones flanking a sapphire and purchased it. I would say this was a very spontaneous move on my part, but I had tried on pretty much everything in the store at that point; I'd had time to think about it. Plus, it was half of the price listed on the tag, so I couldn't say no to that, now, could I? Sadly, I don't actually have it yet, it is being sized.

I also purchased a dress on Friday, which will help me accomplished Thing #38 "Wear only dresses for 1 week." I had a great day; my Visa didn't.

On Saturday, I put two more of my things in motion. I had supper with my stepmother and some of her girlfriends. They're a really nice bunch of women, and I'm hoping this will lead to the completion of thing #47 "Find 1 new group of friends (not to the exclusion of friends I already have)." I can't explain how I'll know when I've completed this one, but I think I will just know when it has happened. One of these ladies is a piano/singing teacher, so I was able to start on thing #51 "Take 5 Singing Lessons." My first lesson is next Sunday!

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  1. good start! "wear only dresses for 1 week" is way easy for me since i already wear dresses 4/5 days a week :)