Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Things 10, 11, 63, 72, and 25.

10 - Convert my cds to MP3s. This one took me several weeks of just sitting at the computer, inserting one cd, waiting for it to be copied by my iTunes to my huge external hard drive (that was a big purchase for me, but well worth it. I could have gone with a much smaller one, though. My computer is backed up on it, all my photos are on there, and now my music and I've used about 12% of the dang thing). Anyways, there was a bit of a hiccup about 50 albums in, when I realized (well, it was pointed out to me by Colleen), that my cds were being put into the music folder on my computer's hard drive, not on the shiny new one I'd purchased just for it. Transferring all that to the other HD was a chore of it's own - it set me back a whole evening! - but I was able to remedy the situation and move on. At first, I had a general rule - what I had copied needed to be from an album, not from a mix I had burned, since they were mostly singles I could redownload at any time (an exception was made for the CD I burned of Chris Walla's stuff. I had downloaded it directly from his sight, and it was scarce). After that, I moved on to load some of my stepmother's music (Lobo, Abba, and some others. Cheesy, but fun), and some of my father's (Duane Eddy, Buddy Holly, and lots of doo-wop and surf music). Then, I plugged in my old computer, fought with it for an afternoon, and grabbed some of the music files off of there (there were a few that are a bit rarer and would be a real pain in the ass to DL again). As it stands now, I have 4622 songs on my iTunes.

11 - Purchase an iPod Classic. This one has been modified slightly. I had originally wanted an iPod Classic because they have a large compacity (160 gb), and I wanted to make sure I could get all my music on there. After lurking in some forums and chatting with Colleen (there's that name again. I'm beginning to think she has some strange mind control powers over me), I decided to get a 64 gb iPod Touch. I shouldn't have been worried about getting all my music on there. Not only does my music fit on there perfectly comfortably, but now I have Angry Birds and the Sims 3 on there. I have been accomplishing very little lately.

63 - I completed this item some time ago. Katrina Onstad is a writer from Toronto that I really enjoy. She's written for the Atlantic, Chatelaine, and the Toronto Star, as well as having released a novel "How Happy to be." Prior to that, I saw her holding her own as a guest critic on a little film critique show with Geoff Pevere and Richard Crouse (lovely people and fantastic critics). Anyways, I hadn't seen anything from her (one of her last articles was about moving to Italy, so I knew why), so I thought I'd look her up. She has an email address on her website, so I sent her a quick fan email. I would copy/paste it here, but it's rather personal, and I'd like to keep it to myself. She replied to it within the day! Among other things, she said it was great to receive my email, and she really appreciated it. It was such a delight to receive a reply. I've printed it out and I may have to frame it for my place when I move out.

72 - I saw Death Cab play live this past weekend at Molson Amphitheatre. My heart nearly exploded. Even just the idea of sharing a space with those four men was amazing, but they played music for me! Partway through the show, Chris Walla, Jason McGerr, and Nick Harmer left the stage, and Ben Gibbard sang "I Will Follow You into the Dark" and I nearly fell for him. I had to say, "Ben, you know this can never work. You're married to Zooey Deschanel and my heart belong to Chris." I think he was hurt, but understood. Sigh. Seriously, though, Chris Walla is a god.

25 - Meet Someone I met over Twitter in person - Right before I shut off my phone at the concert, I had tweeted something about seeing Death Cab. I shut off the phone and enjoyed myself. I turned my phone on after we got back into the car and were driving down Lakeshore Blvd, when I see I've been replied to on Twitter:

@donovanfeuring: @kidamy Maybe I'll see you there, tough guy.

Goddammit! Not only is he someone I met through twitter, but he's one of my favourites and I JUST MISSED HIM. We were in the same place at the same time. I am so disappointed.

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  1. You shut your phone off at the concert?! Haha - cute... I don't think I ever have before!!
    Glad to see you blogging again :)