Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thing 21 - Remove 30 books from my collection

Without getting into too much detail, I have a lot of books. Also, I'm a slow reader; I probably have more books than I'll be consuming in the next ten years. The bookshelves in my room are full, with two full rows on half of the shelves. The shelves are flexing under the weight. It's all a little pathetic.

In addition to those, I have a good number of boxes in the basement marked simply "Amy's Books." I'd like to move out of my parents place soon, and I don't want to leave a bunch of crap for them to sort through when I'm gone, so I went through 6 of the book boxes today. Here's a couple of pictures of the stacks I got rid of.

It's 70 books in total, and they're now sitting with the piles of things the Salvation Army is picking up on June 28th, so I think it's safe to consider this Thing complete. :)

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